Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angels Next on Natchez Agenda

The weekend of November 12 and 13 is fast approaching and the tickets have been sold out for weeks now so event organizers decided to allow patrons to take the tour the night of the last dress rehearsal. Four additional time slots have been allocated for Thursday, November 11th, and the 6 and 6:30 p.m. slots have been filled and there are about 1/2 of the tickets (25 or so) left in the 6:45 slot. If you're interested and were not able to get tickets for the weekend tours, please call the Natchez Visitor Reception Center at 800-647-6724 or e-mail the Natchez CVB at Hurry...these too are going fast!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Evangelization 2010 at Natchez Convention Center

Four individuals whose lives have been forever changed will share their incredible stories at the Evangelization 2010 Conference in Natchez, Mississippi on August 27th and 28th. From the chilling story of a man who died in a Paris hospital twenty-five years ago, but returned from what appeared to be the depths of Hell, and his transformation from atheist to protestant minister, to a woman whose witness to the Miracles of Medjugorje carried her to a more enriched spiritual existence, this conference holds great promise of personal spiritual enrichment for those who attend. The conference will be held at The Natchez Convention Center and more information is available in the brochure/registration form. To obtain a form, please call 800-647-6724 or to order tickets, go to and click on the link at the top of the homepage marked "Evangelization Tickets". Registration forms may also be obtained by contacting Hedy Boelte at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Natchez Food and Wine Festival is celebrating it's 10th year since it's resurrection in 2000. Each year the event draws chefs from around the region, giving them a rare opportunity to promote their signature dishes in hopes to draw festival goers to their respective dining establishments. The weekend's opening event, Tastings Along the River, is the first place you'll be treated to samples of their culinary masterpieces, and you can enhance their flavors with samples of a wide variety of wines. Live entertainment will be provided, and tickets can be purchased online at for $50 in advance, or at the door for $65. Prices for other events throughout the weekend vary, so visit their website at to learn more about other events and ticket prices for each. Tickets for the Progressive Lunch and An Invitation to the Natchez Table always sell out quickly, so log onto the Natchez Pilgrimage Tours website and order early. Call in orders are accepted as well at 800-647-6742.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Scrap-N-On The River

Whether you are an avid scrap-booker or not, this event is simply amazing. You cannot imagine how far scrap booking has come in the last two decades. It's nothing like the scrapbooks your Momma used to keep with newspaper articles and a few supporting photos; no, it's an art in and of itself today. Industry related sales reach a billion dollars annually, and that includes everything from electronic design cutting devices, to stickers, to binding machines, to glittering sprays, and tons more. If you think I'm kidding, just google scrapbook and start browsing all the different sites that are available for scrap booking enthusiasts to peruse. It will boggle your mind. Scrap-N-On the River is held July 23-24 at the Natchez Convention Center and you can visit their website, to learn more or register. There will be upwards of 40 vendors on site this year with all the wares I mentioned above and then some. If you're not a scrap booking connoisseur now, you may quickly become one.